Image Optimization-On Page Seo

Image Optimization -On Page Seo Complete Guide

                       Image Optimization-On Page Seo

Image optimization is a must for any site. Image Optimization improves your website performance and Google image search ranking.There are many reasons to optimize the image.
                                                                                                                                          If your image will be of great size, then it will slow down your web pages and will have a bad effect on the user experience. In Image Optimization the file size is reduced and the page load time is made fast.Apart from this, the images used in the article also improve the SEO score. If you use the correct name (Rename) and Alt tag for your image, then it makes your article more SEO friendly.
Image Optimization-On Page Seo

If you optimize the images of your site correctly, then your images will perform better in search engines (images search).Every website owner or blogger uses images for their site or blog. But when you search the image for your article, you should search very carefully.
                                                                                                                   If you need images for your article, then you cannot use Google Images because those images can be copyright protected and they can later run into trouble for you.
                                                            There are many websites in the market that offer free stock images. You can use a website that gives images for free and is related to your article... 
                                                                                                                            You can use free sites or paid sites to find the right image for your site, but never use Google Images.
                                                                                                       And even better if you can create custom images for your blog. There are many websites for making custom images of which Canva is very popular. With their help, you can easily create a custom image for your site.

How to do Images Optimization for Search Engines?

  • Choose Right File Name for Image:-

                                  Before uploading a new images in your article, be sure to use proper name. There are many bloggers who do not pay attention to the image file name.
                                                                                                                     Use keyword-rich name for your images. It helps you to get higher ranking in Image Search Result. Proper Rename makes your readers as well as search engines friendly. Also, be sure to use Spaces in the image file name.

  • Compress Image Size:-

                       If you do not pay attention to the size and compression of the image while uploading the image, it directly affects your website loading speed. You should not use big images for your article. This increases your server load and as a result slows down your site. And as we all know Google is using website loading speed as a ranking fact

It depends on your theme and article. Although the content area of ​​most blog themes is 600- 700px. So you can use image dimension as per your theme.

Also, if you download stock images for your article, it is very important to resize them as their dimensions are very high.

If you upload these images in your article without resize and resize them in the post editor, then you are on the wrong track. Reason: When your article is loaded in the browser, the images will load in the original size and dimension. As a result, your site's load time may be impaired.

For image resize you can use plugin or online website like -,  Image Optimizer, EWWW Image Optimizer, ShortPixel Image Optimizer etc.

  • Use ALT Text

ALT Text makes your image SEO friendly and it belongs to onPage SEO. In simple words, it tells the search engine what your image is about.

If you do not use ALT text for your images, you are losing a lot of traffic from search engines. Search engines like Google cannot read images. Using alt text, he sees the best image to the visitor. So make sure to add ALT text to your images to make the article completely SEO FRIENDLY.

As you understand the benefits and importance of ALT Text. But what should be used for the image's ALT text?
Use your keyword for ALT text. This can help you get better rank in image search result. Also you should keep in mind one thing, your ALT text should be related to your article, otherwise it is not important.

Therefore proper ALT Text improves your image ranking and there is a possibility that your image appears first in the search result.
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