What Is Sitemap :-Why it is important to create a sitemap

What Is Sitemap :-Why it is important to create a sitemap

what is Sitemap and Why it is important to create a Sitemap 

What Is Sitemap :-Why it is important to create a sitemap

                     A sitemap is a list of all pages ,images and videos of a website in Different Forms i.e Xtreme markup language (Xml) And Hypertext markup Language (HTML)  etc.

                                                                                                                                    Simply Sitemap is an .xml file. It contains all the information of our website.Like how many pages and posts are there on the website, where are the images and other media files etc.These sitemaps give all the information of the website to the search engines.So when crawlers of search engines come, they have no problem in collecting information from the website.
 Example :- There are many colonies in a city. You are asked to collect the data of all colonies and bring them.There is a map on the entrance of colony-A, which gives you all the information about colony. Like which building is it at? What is the location of the park? e.t.c

                                                                                                                      But there is no map / map in colony-B.When you collect your data, then the data of colony-A will be collected quickly and will be more accurate. Because of that map, you will be able to know the layout of that colony in a better way.Because of the map you can understand the layout of colony-A in a better way.

In this example-

  • City is Internet
  • Colony is - your website
  • The map of the colony is - Sitemap of your website
  • Buildings are - website posts, pages etc.
  • You are - Search Engine crawler

                              Why it is important to create a sitemap

  • So that Google crawlers easily collect all the information of our website.
  • All our pages should be indexed in Google.
  • And our site has an organic ranking increase.
  • Sitemaps are very beneficial for new websites and blogs.
  • There is not much backlinks on new websites, so it is not easy for search engines to find all the pages of the new website. 
  • But with the help of sitemap, search engines are able to know all the information of our website better.

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