Meta Tags-Title ,Description,Keywords

Meta Tags-Title,Keyword,Description

Meta Tags-Title ,Description,Keywords

Meta Tags

Meta Tags:-
                      Meta tags is a snippet of text that Describe the content of web page.Meta tags are used in page code.  Meta Tag is a collection of Meta Title,Meta Description And Meta Keywords

Code:-<title>Title of your page</title>
          <meta name="Description" content="description of a page">
         <meta name="keyword" content="keyword of a page">


meta tag snippet

  • Meta Title:-
                                Meta Title is the name of a  HTML Document File.meta title stores in the header file of the document.Meta Titleis also Known as Page Title

Size Of Meta Title:- 50-60 Characters

Code:- <title>Title of your page</title>
meta title

  • Meta Description:-
                                          Meta Description is a snippet of 150 characters that summarizes the page content.

Size Of Meta Description:155 Characters

Code:- <meta name="Description" content="description of a page">

meta description

  • Meta Keywords:-
                                          Meta Keywords are specific type of meta tag that appears in meta tags is known as meta keyword

Size Of Meta Keyword:- 60-70 Characters

Code:- <meta name="Keyword" content="keyword of a page">