Blogger Vs Wordpress -which is best for you??

Blogger Vs Wordpress -which is best for you??

Blogger vs Wordpress -Which is Best For you??

Blogger Vs Wordpress -which is best for you??

Blogger is a basic service that empowers you to make a blog and distribute it online right away. WordPress,on other hand, is a full-highlighted Content Management System (CMS) for structure sites (in this article, we're discussing self-facilitated WordPress, which is unique in relation to 
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Blogger is a Blogging service provided by the Google.It is free service .on the other hand wordpress,You Use the wordpress hosting provider to host your website and its a paid service ..


              Wordpress Provides  you different plugins(i.e Elements of software Program)..on the other hand ,there is nothing such as plugins in Blogger

3. Hosting:-

                        Blogger Provides You free Hosting with unlimited space ,traffic or free SSL certificate..on the otherhand ,in wordpress these all services are Not Free.


                                   Blogger only provides a limited set of themes and these themes are usually very low quality.
                                             on the other hand there are thousand of free  or premium themes in wordprees.

5. Security :-
                        Utilizing Blogger you have the additional bit of leeway of Google's powerful secure stage. You don't have to stress over dealing with your server's assets, verifying your blog, or making reinforcements. 

                                                       WordPress is very secure, however since it is a self facilitated arrangement you are in charge of security and reinforcements. There are a lot of WordPress modules that make it simpler for you.

Hence If You Want to Make a Business Website Then Wordpress is a best option and for blogging blogger is a best option