what is Digital Marketing and its types -complete guide by shoutsmeloud

what is digital marketing -complete guide by shoutsmeloud
Digital Marketing and Its Types - Guide by Shoutsmeloud
what is Digital Marketing and its types -complete guide by shoutsmeloud

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing plays an important role to grow your business and make you able to earn online.
Digital marketing is a combination of two words Digital + Marketing.

Digital Means Internet and Marketing Means promotion of
any brand or product so digital marketing is the promotion of any brand or product through Digital Media i.e Internet.
Digital Marketing is also Known as Internet Marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing:-

Types of Digital Marketing

The Main types of digital marketing are as follow:-

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • SMM
  • SMO
  • ASO

SEO:- SEO stands for search engine optimization.this is the method of optimizing your website to rank first
in search engine results page.

PPC:- PPC stands for pay per click ..PPC provides you paid traffic. A common type of PPC is google adwords.

SMM:- SMM stands for social media marketing. SMM is the use of social media platforms i.e facebook, twitter to promote
a business a product or a service.

SMO:- SMO stands for social media optimization. SMO is a free method to promote your business, brand through
social media platform i.e facebook, twitter etc.

Email Marketing:- the use of emails to develop the relationship between clients and customers is known
as email marketing.


The advantages of digital marketing are as follows:-

  • targeted audience
  • lower cost
  • global reach
  • trackable and measurable results

Difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing:-

The difference between digital and traditional marketing is as follows:-

  • two-way conversion
  • open system
  • transparent
  • one to one marketing
  • deep analytics


  • one way conversion
  • closed system
  • opaque
  • mass marketing
  • bad analytics

Is Digital Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing?

Yes, Digital Marketing Is Better Than Traditional Marketing.